Do I Believe in Chakras?

IMG_0191 (1)I have had enough acupuncture, reiki and polarity treatments to know that there are things I don’t know about the body. It makes sense energetically that there are junctions of energy in the body since we are electrically powered. But would these junctions be the portals to higher consciousness? Our pure selves? The divine?

I don’t know. Instead of worrying about this I like to think of chakras as a reference point for meditation and inspiration for intentions. Like any practice, it’s easier if there are a list of virtues or goals to lean toward, something to focus on and a rewarding feeling at the end of that moment of focus. Chakras offer these. Each chakra comes with a symbol, a sound, a color, a hand position, a back story and years of many people’s interpretations of their functions. There are tips on how to assess the condition of each chakra and how to balance them. They can be used as a physical check in. Chakras are especially good for visualization. I don’t think one has to be fully on board with all aspects of the chakra system to utilize them and learn from them. They are great catalysts for self-reflection and growth.

I have slackerish tendencies so I am always focusing on Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, which I like to think of as my source of pragmatism. I use it to psych myself into achievement mode. It works!

Do you have something that works even though you don’t fully get why?


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