Sources for Free Inspiration

Hey! I have been cruising through the, new to me, world of virtual summits. The summits I’ve joined are a series of interviews with people in the field of topic curated by the host. The topic of the summits I’ve watched center around creative businesses and entrepreneurship, but the interviews range from creating a business model to self discovery and growth to spirituality. Its a very wholistic approach to business.  The guests on these summits offer free gifts that the viewers can use to continue their journies in these subtopics. Of course, all of these coaches and strategists are doing this to drum up business, but they are willing to give first. There is a lot of integrity in their marketing strategy. It’s the best way to see if their services are a good fit for you. It’s a great way to see if they are offering something you need. And best of all, it is a fantastic resource for those who are just starting on a new journey or working out where they’re going. I highly recommend jumping in on a few! I happened to find my first one through an online teacher, Kiala Givehand. She was interviewed by Joyce Van Der Lely for the Find Your Force summit. Joyce has a new 5 day Business Bootcamp if you’re interested-

Other upcoming summits:

Artists, coaches and entrepreneurs to check out (in no particular order):

Hope this helps with YOUR journey! Let me know who you are working with- Jacqui


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