How do you know?

I just found out I have an opportunity to rent studio space. All I’ve wanted for the last few years is a space of my own to teach classes in, to run a business from, to have a job to go to. So I’m super excited about this opportunity. It’s a little scary due to the financial commitment. It’s also going to be hard to drum up business since I’ve recently moved to a new city. It will require talking to people and showing them who I am, telling them why they should send their children to my classes or join one themselves. I want to make the right decision about renting the studio, for me and my family.  So I did what several of the business coaches and guides I’ve been listening to and hearing from (see previous post) suggest, I asked for guidance. I asked who ever one asks, God, your spirit team, your intuition. It was relaxing as I was laying on the floor focused on the backs of my eyelids. I sent my focus to my throat, my heart, my stomach, all through my body. I then sent my focus outside of myself just in front of my eyes. To the left of my head, then to the right, then a few feet away in the room, outside the room’s window, into the tree outside the window. Then I called it back. I felt kind of giddy so I think I did it right. Anyway, I ended it with the question, “is this the right thing to do to get me and my family to where we want to be?”, created a vague visualization of what that might look like, then ended it because I started thinking about something else. I felt good about the meditation (I guess it was). Humming along a few minutes later I stepped outside to grab something and as I came in I stabbed my foot on the corner of the door. I was instantly mad, now it will hurt to put on my shoe, now I have to sit here with ice instead of making lunch… And then I wondered Is this the answer to my question? Did I just put my foot it it? Am I supposed to watch my step? Do I now look for my answer in every incident? WTF am I supposed to do with a very sore foot? And then another thought arose. Is this my panicked subconscious trying to freek me out to keep me me safe? It might be saying step cautiously, don’t do anything rash, consider all the angles and maybe just stay home and not do anything new. It’s better this way. I was annoyed at this point. How do you know when your intuition is talking or your scared self? As I lay elevating my foot I checked emails on my phone. I had received a blog post from Tara Leaver talking about just this very thing. She says “saying yes to something always has a cost, and sometimes that cost isn’t money or relationships or time, but something else entirely… saying yes to the thing that you want most of all will cost you dearly, only not necessarily in the way you anticipated, and not just once. And it will still be worth it. And you don’t get to have the thing you want most without saying yes to all of it”.

Ok so is this my answer?


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